The benefits of power naps and how to take one

The world has aged so much, and us along with it. So much has changed in the last few centuries, and yet, there are still somethings that have not changed at all. And for all our intelligence and modern discoveries, the people of today are yet to grasp the importance and benefits of a power nap. From inventers to scientist, painters to presidents; there are many famous people both in the past and the present who swear by the power of naps.

If you are convinced of its importance, then here are a few more facts about it, and tips on how to go about taking a power nap for your benefit.

The benefits of a power nap

Power naps are a fantastic way to rejuvenate your body and mind. It gives your brain a brief break and reduce stress; helping you to focus better once you wake up. Likewise, it also helps to energize and “recharge” your body. If you’re bogged down with work, and you feel like your creativity is seriously clogged up, then a few minutes of shut eye can help you get those creative juices flowing once more. Apart from all these benefits, getting power naps regularly is also a brilliant way to help boost your memory.

How to figure out the right time for it

This depends from person to person. While some people recommend taking a power nap whenever your body or brain demands one from you to, some people recommend that taking a nap at a scheduled time each day is more beneficial. The first kind is better for people who are feeling stressed, tired, or in a creative rut; while the second type is more ideal for those simply trying to gather more energy, or relax their mind.

If you plan on having a power nap each day, then remember not to sleep for more that 20-30 minutes; and try to catch your nap between 1 pm and 4 pm. Ideally a power nap should last between 10-30 minutes; but if you are someone who has trouble falling asleep, then an hour will work better for you. Remember sleeping more than this recommended time can make you feel groggy once you wake up.

Tips on getting a good nap

Always darken the room around you when preparing for a nap. This helps your brain turn off and relax; helping you fall asleep. Additionally, it’s better if your room is sound proof and distraction free. If you plan on napping away from the comfort of your bedroom, then make use of a sleep mask and, if possible turn off your mobile (or at the very least, turn off the Wi-Fi). Choose a discreet spot to take your nap, like a closed office room or your car. While it helps you fall asleep better, it also helps that you are not worried about getting caught napping. Set an alarm, or ask someone that you trust to wake you up. This way, you are not afraid of oversleeping; which, again, helps you with getting a good nap.

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