Quick methods to shake off a bad mood

We’re sure that you too are well familiar with those days that nothing seems to go right. You woke up late, and had to rush to work, you got caught to the traffic, or worse; the pouring rain. You got yelled at by your boss, or bungled up a project badly. It might be one of these, or even all of it; does it matter? You’re having a bad day. Having a bad day and a bad mood can affect a lot of things; from work performances to relationships—so it’s always best to shake it off as quickly as possible.

If you’re looking for a solution, then look no further. We’ve put together a few of our best ways of shaking off a bad mood and restoring your good mood. Read ahead to find them.

  • A long hug from a loved one can do you more good than you think. Research has shown that a hug can help with depression, sickness, loneliness and even stress. It can also help a great deal in chasing off your bad mood. Go in for a long hug, or snuggle a while with your loved ones; your mood will improve as you wait.


  • If you have the time and the space to do so, exercise to distract yourself from your problems. It helps to warm your body, which inevitable helps in calming you down. It also releases feel-good chemicals in your brain which helps a great deal in driving away depressions and bad moods. It’s also a great way to work your anger away!


  • Eat something. Most people don’t realize that their short temper is almost directly connected to their stomach. So, when upset, follow the “Kung Fu Panda’s” advise, and grab something to eat!


  • Watch a comedy. Even this forced way of laughing can help drive away the bad mood. If your work made you come home with a bad mood, then chances are that you might not get a proper restful sleep in this state; resulting in your bad mood persisting even to the next day. Catching an hour of your favorite comedy show can help you here.


  • Nap for a while. Power naps too can help a great deal in elevating your mood. It also helps you rejuvenate and energize your body, and reduce your stress levels. This alone should do the trick in making you feel better. It also helps that it gives you a brief break from all that around you!


  • Indulge in a little crying. Crying does not have a gender or an age limit. And sometimes, a good session of crying is the best way to let go of a continuous bad mood. Cry in the privacy of your home, or better, in the shoulder of a loved one…

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