How to know if it’s time for a holiday?

Whether you are a professional or a stay at home spouse, whether you work alone from home or you work in a crowded office; each and every one of us deserve a holiday. From our day to day life, from our hectic schedules and sometimes, even from those around us. But how do we know if now is the right time for a holiday? How do we take a break before snapping? Here are a few tips from our experts.

  • When your to-do list never gets done. Working very hard and getting only little bursts of nightly sleep can usually result in slowing you down and making you less productive. If your to-do list only seems to be extending from one day to another, then we say it’s time for a holiday.


  • After a bad break up. Relationships are necessary to feel human. But if your relationship ended badly, and you plan on “starting over”, then now is the perfect time to grab a mini vacation too!


  • When you’re all work, and feeling jealous of the “free”. If you find that you’re spending more and more time at work, or even eyeing your vacationing friends and family members with envy; then this is your brain subtly asking you for a break. Give in, and join them or take a holiday of your own.


  • When it’ll the same things; just a different day. Life can get very routinely if you allow it to. Having no fun and spontaneous things in life too can make you fall into a routine very fast. If you feel like you’ve been doing the same things for a long time now, just in different days, then now is the time for a break.


  • When your vampire skin gets exposed. If the only sun you see is during your commute to work, then it’s not far before your skin loses its tan and you begin to look like a vampire (and not the sparkly kind either!). If your skin pallor is only emphasized by your dark circles, then it’s time to get yourself to sunny destinations!  


  • When you’re obsessed with your smart phone. If you are someone who is constantly glued to the phone, checking your emails, and working even while you’re in bed; and if you are being constantly asked to pay attention to those around you rather than your phone, then this definitely means that you’re overworking. And this too is a sure sign for a break.


  • When your immune system is taking a break. If you’re catching common colds and are prone to sniffling often, then it’s possible that your immune system is crashing. As overworking, stressing and lack of sleep are common reasons for a crashed immune system, taking a break when you realize this, is best.

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